Saturday, June 27, 2009

Camping Success

The cape adventure was a success. We felt like this was a trial run to see what we could realistically do with the kids this summer. We had a few glitches (24 hour stomach bugs for both babies. No intestinal discomfort but neon green froth in their diapers every 10 minutes lead to a diaper shortage and sore bums. Our means of cooking failed. Avery whines.) but nothing that we couldn't deal with, well, except for the whining.
The bugs were minimal, as was the rain. Lots of bike trails and kettle ponds. Trails, hills and fun kids at every turn. S'mores and snowballs.

Fine dining the first night in the grocery store parking lot.

This was about 7 am the first morning.

Finley is such a water girl. Cold air and cold water didn't stop her.

Avery fell asleep on Cathy's lap at a different pond in the afternoon.

This beach had enormous tadpoles. We caught about twenty before moving on to new things.
The kids were (are) exhausted but I think will be fully recovered before we head off to St. Louis on Monday or Tuesday.


Gram & Gramps said...

LOVE THE PICTURES. I bet Cathy liked it when Avery fell asleep on her lap, I would have. Glad it all worked out and you all will get to go again. Camping is great for kids!!!

Uncle Larry said...

Yahoo ! St. Louee here we come. Look out at the top of the Arch for me.
How did the parking lot dining compare to airplane food,Cathy ??