Sunday, June 15, 2008

Story Land- Post 1 of 2

We car-camped at a campground and spent two days at Story Land. I have pictures to prove it. These really are our children, not the von Trapps.
Finley can now pivot and is starting to step. Walking may follow if she can ever get that dang left foot to cooperate.
Cathy does exist. Logan will be a surly teen someday.

But for now he is a wimp and even the dutch shoes was a bit much for him.
Frozen pink lemonade was a huge, huge hit remembered from last year.

In case you need more sand. Meryl carries it everywhere- in her diaper, socks, pockets, mouth, and of course, both hands. But she is good about sharing it.
Next year we will skip this fiasco, I mean event. Story Land is known for it's fun rides like Bamboo Shoots, the Polar Coaster, Flying Fish, Twirling Turtles, etc. We went on none of those. We did the dullest, slowest rides- a safari ride showcasing neon plastic animals, a circus act of domesticated cats, and a live production about the water cycle called Farm Follies. Oy!

More to follow for the three people who really read this! :)


Uncle Larry said...

Person # 1 checking in!
Nice to see Cathy ,although she appears to be a bit seasick. Maybe she's not used to that much turbulence. Is that why Logan is comforting her ? Avery picked out the correct socks to go with her pink lemonade,so Aunt Mary gives her a gold star for color co-ordination. Have a great summer!
Best to all U.Larry & A. Mary Ann

WonderGirl said...

Looks like some good summer fun :) Logan looks a LOT taller than I remember....

Gram & Gramps said...

Maybe next year we could join you. Well like down the street in the place we stayed a few years ago. Maybe one or two grandchildren would want to stay with us (or one mother!) We might be able to keep up with the younger ones so the rest of you could go on the wild rides. The kids look like they had fun.