Tuesday, June 24, 2008

There was Cake.

Getting excited for the cake.
Meryl liked the candles.
Finley wasn't so sure.
Okay. So it wasn't actually cake, much to Logan's dismay, but a mixture of the birthday girls' favorite foods. Graham cracker crust, frozen smushed banana, a layer of vanilla ice cream, with smushed strawberries on top. It was wonderful for them.
I guess they don't party much, 'cause Meryl fell asleep at the table at breakfast the next morning. Nothing worse than a birthday party hangover!


Ben said...

I love cake.

WonderGirl said...

such wild party-ers you guys are! I love photo of logan and meryl, it's very cute.

Grammie said...

Where did the year go? But then again sometimes I am sure it feels like it has been 2-3 years. Such cute one year olds. Will check with you tonight about the "colds" and lunch Friday???? Love Ya all