Monday, June 30, 2008

Increasing Our Carbon Footprint

So. Things have been difficult around here of late. Avery is in a rough spot- angry, belligerent, quick to fly into a two-year old like tantrum. Kindergarten anxiety? Transition to summer and lack of school schedule? I don't know, but I'm doing my best not to kill her. Know any good preschools that take boarding students?

But everyone else if fine. Meryl is becoming more cognizant of what is going on around her, which is exciting. She can follow simple requests like "Give me what is in your mouth" if she is so inclined. Logan can be amazingly helpful and thoughtful and kind. Finley just does her own thing, seemingly unaware of everyone around her. (She's fine though- she can hold eye contact, does interact socially, but is just happy to play alone too.)

But, we've changed a few ways of doing things, so that I can make it through the day. We've switched to disposable diapers. I don't mind washing the cloth, but I couldn't keep up with the frequent changes they require, especially now that the babies can't stand the changes either. Rather than doing 20-40 cloth diaper changes a day, I now do 10-18 disposable diaper changes.

Our clothes are being dried in the dryer for the most part, rather than on the line.

I'm experimenting with more foods from the frozen food section of the grocery store, and I've found a pizza place on the way home from the pool I hope to frequent. Although the garden is bringing more food to our table each day. Today we got snow peas, a solid meal's worth of turnips, spinach, lettuce and the last of this crop of radish. The babies eat mostly frozen food. Peas, blueberries, okra, spinach, yogurt, etc. Straight from the freezer. I even freeze the applesauce and give it to them in chunks so they can pick it up.

Maybe our increased consumption is off-set by our new water saver toilet (Special custom order, no-sweat, low water use toilet. That still sweats and leaves a puddle on the newly replaced floor. What the heck?! They say it is because our well water is so cold.) And also by the new HE front loader washer and energy efficient dryer.

Probably not, but I can try to justify it all. In the end I know that I live more carefully than the people around me, but in comparison to the world as a whole, I am terribly wasteful.

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