Sunday, June 1, 2008

For Cathy- Today

Who really does miss us when she is away. Go figure. She went out to dinner in Toronto tonight. Alone. And didn't cut anyone else's food. Or feed them. Or eat one handed while nursing someone. Or have food on her shirt that she hadn't even attempted to eat. I don't really feel that bad for her! Meryl and the dang dishwasher. She is sooo helpful!

We saw this turtle near the golf course and stopped to look. At the zoo they had a great porcupine. And two black bears. A bunch of other lame exhibits. A guy peeing on the sidewalk near the yak. And not much else. Maybe we'll go with you just to see the porcupine.
Falling asleep in her crib is hard for Finley. I just keep lying her back down with her pacifier. She seems to like holding onto a little silk scarf so I put that in her hand too. She ended up falling asleep in the crib, which is good.

Meryl likes the cat about as much as the black bears. Both have the same novelty for her. Comeback had several deer ticks on his white paws. Yes, Avery marked all over legs on the ride home from the zoo. Logan napped.
She still claps when she gets excited. I don't think she can control it.
Clothing optional dining. I thought I was so smart to take off their shirts for the blueberries, but I should have taken off their pants too. Live and learn. Meryl won't keep the tray on her seat and pushes herself away from the table. I tried putting her chair against the wall and then pushing the table up to her, but she just pushed the table away. I put little bits of food on the side of Finley's tray for her, but then she started taking Finley's tray off. Admire the large belly now cause I might just stop feeding her for awhile.
Look at all that hair. And I have her doing her "thing" with her hand. She blows out and flaps her hand doing the "who- who- who" thing we did as kids when we were "indians."
Meryl fell asleep very nicely. Look where the duck ended up.

They are all asleep so I'm off to shower and bed myself. Be safe. Almost vacation.

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Thanks for the update. I just love it.
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