Monday, June 2, 2008

Being Grateful

Or at least trying. These are the lovely little things I should focus on and be thankful for today.

-I had a neighborhood college kid come to babysit for 30 minutes so I could drive Avery to school without waking the babes. Yeah. I planned to pay her $10 but she wouldn't accept it. The babies got to sleep, she got to be generous, I got to drive for 8 minutes in the car alone listening to NPR.

-Hottleman Cowboy Cookies

-Delay Start and Timed Stop on the oven

-Avery happily bouncing down the steps when school was released.

-Logan jumping into the pool over his head and swimming with real rhythmic breathing. (okay for about 3 yards, but it's an improvement!)

-Avery riding the tag along bike with me. Finally we can get some real speed up. Today we are going to attach the babies trailer to her tag along and see if I can still move the whole contraption.

-Meryl lying in her crib and falling asleep while she sings to herself. The same song as when she plays with sand or gravel.

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Ruth & Charlie said...

Sounds like yesterday was a good day. The good weather today should help make today a nice one also.