Thursday, June 19, 2008

Story Land- Post 2 of 2

Ok. Let's get real. Who the hell takes 4 kids, including two under the age of one, and therefore quite close to the ground, camping? Lunatics. This is the real version of the great vacation. The bugs are fierce and babies don't slap.
My book that never left the car. Did I really think I would get to read?
We could strap them in but they could still reach the grass to eat.
The older kids aren't much neater.
They did get really tired. But then again so did I.

The kids had a great time. Finley really watched the 30 minute circus and stood during the whole thing. Meryl was thrilled with the playgrounds and the abundance of mulch to munch on. Avery thought the dutch shoes were a hoot, especially since I pretended the ride was too wild for me and that I felt sick. Logan once again won a stuffed animal on the skee ball competition. He was so psyched. Don't tell him that since Cathy was the only other competitor that he was a shoo in!

They swam in the freezing cold water without even commenting. They got to buy any cereal they wanted for breakfast and couldn't believe I really meant ANY cereal. (Fruit Loop Smoothies for Avery and Cinnamon Toast Crunch for Logan. I'm sure our dentist will thank us for helping her second home become a reality.)

I've recovered now- the tent is dry, clean and packed away. The bug bites are mostly scabbed over on the kids so that I'm not asked how the chicken pox went with the babies. Cathy has let me sleep in every morning until at least 7 am and I went for a lake swim with my tri group and I got a quick 45 minute run in this afternoon.

Next year, remind me to get a hotel.

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Uncle Larry said...

Aloha Avery Maybe if you had eaten garlic instead of all those berries you might have saved yourself from that vampire !! Have an enjoyable and safe summer. L & M