Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy Pride!

The parade was long, loud and entertaining. The after events were lousy since they were at government center which doesn't lend itself to lounging and hanging out. I got to go to Haymarket and watch the people hawking produce and fish. I spent $9.5o and bought- 4 packs (1/2 pints?) of raspberries, 2 packs of blackberries, 10 limes, 9 kiwi and 5 heads of garlic! The berries were all eaten before we even hit the T to head home. None of it local or organic, all of it mass produced, but geez was it cheap.
Logan is getting older and is not willing to hold our hand in public so we get separated in the crowds. He doesn't seem to mind but I still worry about losing him. He also doesn't feel the need to sit near us on the T, which is fine. The ride home on the T is always too long and we ended up letting the girls hang on the bars which is going to be a problem the next time we head into town and they want to do it again.
All in all a good day.

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Uncle Larry said...

Thanks for the GREAT pictures of your wonderful family Heather. Keep'em coming.