Monday, October 26, 2009

Closing in on the end of the season

Sadly, the last of the carrots were pulled today. Also, sad is the fact I did not pull the last of the rutabagas. Ugh..... how did we end up with so many rutabagas???

This is a nice time of the year to be in the garden with the babies. Anything above ground is dead and can't be destroyed, so they can climb around without me cringing or telling them to stay off the growing plants. We had a nice morning taking our time.


Grammie said...

Carrots look yummy. i am sure you all enjoyed all the goodies from the garden. Looking forward to the eggs next summer

Uncle Larry said...

Ohh yah, try to leave some in the ground. There is nothing like a frostbitten NE carrot or parsnip!
But this assumes you don't have moles
woodchucks or wet soil. Shades of No. Reading.