Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Round Up

THURSDAY-after school

Leaf Ride

Topsfield Fair

Crazy Bus

At Grandma's House- the big Yew tree is always a hit.
This was the first time the babies spent the night in the barn. It went suprisingly well. The main house is not toddler-proof in the least, but the weather was great and the newness of it all kept the babies busy. The house was a disaster when we left though. I think Grandma will be cleaning up peanut shells for a few weeks.

Grandma has cats, but we never see them. This guy got a lot of attention from Finley.

On MONDAY we hired a babysitter to take the babies to the new SMILE playground. For 2.5 hours Cathy and I just cleaned/organized/picked up the house/yard. It felt good, but hardly made a dent in the chaos and mess in which we are now used to living. I think the babies had fun out on a scavenger hunt and at the playground.
All in all a lovely long weekend, even if we didn't go to St. Louis.

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