Friday, October 2, 2009

School Holiday

Monday was a school holiday so we headed into the Boston Children's Museum.
The Peep water area was a hit for all 4 kids, which shocked me. Someone did a good job designing a play space that can be enjoyed by a 9 year old as well as a two year old!

Meryl enjoyed the hand air dryer the best.

The walk to the parking garage was really, really long thanks to Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz filming and taking over the entire area. We had to stop and take a break. This was the first time I intentionally left the ergo at home and I normally don't take the stroller. Oops.
Next week we have a 4 day weekend and Cathy will be home. We had hoped to go to City Museum in St. Louis again but the flights don't work. Topsfield fair and a trip to Grandma's will have to suffice.


Gram & Gramps said...

Oh Boy we are planning on going to the fair let's see if we can go the same time

Uncle Larry said...

Oh yaah !! Aren't those hand driers in the Airport restrooms just a kick !! Not worth traveling across an ocean or continent while squeezed up in a seat designed by a midget mind you but--but !! Whew ! Sorry, I guess I got sidetracked. Hope you have a fun time at the T'fld. Fair and that the weather is as fine as we had last month. L & M