Thursday, March 18, 2010


So, if it hasn't been insane enough around here, what with
-no septic system since it is still underwater. This means nothing goes down the drains. Just use your imagination. :)

-car repairs for both cars due to an accident and recalls. Plus the fully replaced brakes seem to not be working. Yikes!

-Head lice. With no septic, when I'm supposed to be doing linens daily.

-4 spoiled, entitled, demanding, rotten brat children. Oops. Can I say that out loud??

-the new resident mallards who have taken up in the back yard. Not always quiet.

So we added to it. By spending $75 to bring into our house something most people pay to get rid of. They stink and are noisy. They bite and draw blood. The kids are thrilled. I'm a wreck!


Gram & Gramps said...

White least you will know when they are dirty. They can be cute...just look at those little faces and eyes front on, see they are cute!!!

Gram & Gramps said...

And in 9 days Beth comes to visit for 8 days. When do we send the men in the white coats????

Uncle Larry said...

Well,you know when stuff happens it usually happens all one time. That way you appreciate it when it doesn't happen. Sort of. BTW once I smuggled a white rat out of High School science class, brought it home and at the dinner table asked my parents if it was OK to have one as a pet. They looked a little askance but said " Yah, I guess so" whereupon I said " Good here it is " and produced it out of my pocket. My sister wasn't amused but my brother was.