Friday, March 19, 2010

Match, Match!

The girls have been enjoying having matching clothes. So when I was looking for a baby gift for Charlie I ran across a great deal on organic cotton clothes. I had to pick some up for them too. I love the colors and think it would be a blast to see the 3 girls together wearing them, which won't happen, but still.

They've looked at baby pictures of Charlie and Evelyn and think they are one and the same and named Abbee, which is the doll's name we sent to Charlie. (Actually, I realized the package has not been sent but is still sitting in the back of my car. Someday. They clothes are big so there is time!)

They so enjoy matching and it makes me sad for Charlie because she will miss out on that. Granted, most of us never have it, but she did for a short time.

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Anonymous said...

Organic cotton tastes so much better than normal cotton (not to mention the health benefits).

The girls look adorable. And much older than I remember them, I guess we haven't seen you guys in a while.