Monday, March 15, 2010

Waterfront Property

The rain has been falling for a few days. It has never seemed to fall too heavily but it has been building up.
The canoe has seen much use the past few days. The neighbors behind us (in the green house) have their sump pump pumping directly into our yard. The hose is propped up on rocks so that not one drop lands in their yard but all in ours. We also own a "poop scoop" because of these same neighbors. (Well, because of their dog!) Educated, responsible people. Founders of the local charter school. But the rudest folks I've ever met in this neighborhood.

Our house is mostly dry. The septic system is underwater so if we try to put too much water into it quickly it backs up into the basement. Fortunately, we discovered this after the babies took a bubble bath. Some water and copious amounts of bubbles ended up in the basement. It could have been much worse!
Tomorrow calls for sunny and 50. I'm thrilled that tomorrow is a free afternoon because I can imagine a whole crowd of kids playing in it! This may be the last time we have waterfront property.

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Uncle Larry said...

Hope your rude neighbors read your blog ! Stay dry.