Saturday, September 4, 2010

1st Egg!

Finally! We got an egg! The little one in the middle. The others are from more established layers and are probably L or XL in a grocery store. Logan was the one who found it when heading out to fill the water and let them out for the afternoon. He has first dibs and has asked for scrambled. We'll be watching for more. :)

My tomatillos and ground cherries are also coming ripe. I guess they aren't tasty for groundhogs. We've been having a lot of green salsa and I plan for some enchiladas, but I haven't come around to eating chicken yet. Preparing it for the family, yes. Consuming it myself, no. The ground cherries rarely make it home since I eat them on the 5 mile drive home from the garden. (Nope, no biking to the garden. Takes too long and that is my precious alone time, so I don't waste it by being "green." Everything can be justified!)


miss jen said...

That's awesome! I remember some tiny eggs and a few funky-shaped ones back in my youth. The store bought eggs have you believing eggs are one shape in 3 sizes, med, large or jumbo. I look forward to future posts of the weird eggs you find.

Grammie said... egg great. More to follow I am sure...can't wait to taste one. we missed you all today. Also you Jen,Bob and Court.

beth said...

congrates on the eggs