Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Climbing From Hell

On a last minute recommendation we checked out Purgatory Chasm. Very cool place for kids ages 3-whatever. Lots of fun climbing, hiding, scrambling, sliding, etc. Average number of deaths per year? Only 2.

Little green Avery speck on left, red Logan speck on right.

Fat Man's Misery
I'm sure you couldn't name something that today!

I kept thinking I should get ahead of them to get a photo of something other than their behinds. Just wasn't going to happen. They never stopped moving.

Mandatory rest break.

Checking out the Devil's Corn Crib.

Oops. Starting to get blisters (not barefoot ground here) and tired. She has got to learn to wear shoes.
(See Cathy in the photo?)

Logan and Avery went off for more hiking while I hit the very cool playground with the babies.
(Yes Mom, I called them the babies. I'm allowed to do that if I want.)
We all napped on the way home. Well, not Cathy, who drove.

Home to a lovely dinner. Except our table didn't have enough room for the adults. Very sadly, we got to eat alone inside!
(I've always said I want my house to be a gathering place for my kids' friends. Lately it seems to be happening for neighborhood kids. So I won't complain(much) and will continue to serve loads of pasta, peanut butter sandwiches, juice and ice cream if it means I get to see who my kids play with and, more importantly, HOW they play.


Grammie said...

what a fun place this place looks like. You may call them babies...I am having a hard time stopping calling them the twins. Mailed a birthday gift this morning!

miss jen said...

From your title I was expecting a horrible story! Nope! It looked like fun, for your kids (not me!). Your house is a fun place for kids! Enjoy it while it lasts!

B. Rule said...

If there is more than one family in your neighborhood trying to attract all the kids and friends in the area it could start an arms race. Build a pool and you will always win.

Uncle Larry said...

This is now on our to do list. Hopefully in about 3 weeks it'll be on our done list ! See U soon. L&M