Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Training Wheels

Meryl gave up the tricycle today. And after a few run-ins with parked cars and trees she even figured out the brakes. Watch out world! (and watch your ankles!)
We also got our first big egg today. Lo and behold, it was a double yolk. We had scrambled eggs with dinner tonight with the 6 (!) eggs we've gotten in the past few days. The chickens don't know where to lay. 4 eggs were found in the nesting boxes and 3 out in the pen. And the egg I put in a month ago as a hint, is now gone. Bleck. I really don't want them to develop a taste for eggs. I'm sure we've got a few eggs lying around the yard somewhere since they spent all day out of the pen. I'm going to try to keep them penned in for a few days and hope they develop a habit of laying in the nesting boxes. I figure just as it starts to get colder they'll be in full laying mode.

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