Friday, May 2, 2008

Heather's Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

So it started about 3 am when I went to bed (again) only to be woken minutes later (again). Then at 4am Logan thundered into the bedroom up for the day. He has to move fast to keep away from any monsters that might be lurking. With the speed comes the feet pounding which wakes me and the babies who are sleeping on me. Good Morning!!! Everyone is up too early and we are all a bit cranky.

Sit on the toilet covered with child pee. Out of my favorite tea. Forgot to send a note into school saying I would pick Logan up- don't send him on the bus.

Cathy is home for 3 hours, so I head off to the garden to be alone and productive for a bit. My "reading" these days is listening to books on tape. Get to the garden and realize my batteries are dead. The guy with a garden near me rototilled his area, and went through mine to get there. I had already planted there.

Pick up Avery from school- I brought the wrong car. I didn't bring a snack. I spoke the wrong words. Home for lunch (I made the wrong thing) and a shower.
Off to first day of ballet for Avery. I had written a note to the teacher letting her know that Avery will do fine in the class if the teacher just ignores her. No eye contact, don't call her name or single her out in any way. I introduce myself and remind her. Her response? She steps around me to Avery and says, in that awful voice people use for children, "Helloooooooooo Averrrrrryyyyyy!!! What a beautiful dresssssssssss! I'm so glad you are hereeeeeeeeee!!" Arg. Avery wilts and starts to cry. So much for that class, and the money spent on new ballet slippers and leotard.

To the School Greenhouse where the first graders are planting beans. I had specifically been told siblings were ok. I had asked about stairs since I'd have a stroller. No problem. I'm supposed to escort groups of kids from class to greenhouse and back. 4 flights of stairs with a double stroller + a sad preschooler who just failed at ballet= Disaster.
Home to catch the bus carrying Logan and a friend. Good thing they aren't enemies or I'd really be in trouble. I serve an okay snack (Doritos bought specifically for this kid) but my dinner is wrong, again. And I don't have dessert.

Fight into the tub X 2 (Logan and Avery.) Fight out of the tub X 2 (Meryl and Finley.) Fight to bed x 4. Clean up from dinner with one fussing on my back. See Logan's shoes outside and decide to leave them in the rain. I only told him 4 times to bring them in. Plop the one on my back into bed at 10PM.

Shower. Turn off water to hear one crying. Start a lovely night where I nap for 20 minute increments with one kiddo before rolling over to nap with the other.

Some days are like that. Tomorrow will be a better day. That is what I tell myself.

At least I didn't end up with gum in my hair. But the story of why Logan's hair is so short and has a couple bald spots is a story for another day.


Ruth & Charlie said...

We love you Hbusterrlleather

Ruth & Charlie said...

We Love you Heather

Ben said...

I will now stop complaining about kids who wave up at 5:45am after "only" ten and a half hours of sleep.