Monday, October 27, 2008

Flat Logan and Flat Stacy

Logan had a Flat Stanley Project for school this year. Unlike his Felix (the bunny) who only went to Hawaii (Thanks for the adventures GUL and GAM!) this guy has to travel on his own for 7 months before making his way back home. Sadly, the first person we sent Flat Logan to dropped the ball and he has never been heard from since.

Never fear. We'll try again at home. This time both the older kids joined in and we have sent Flat Logan off to Australia and Flat Stacy (that would be Avery's) to California. We hope they have wonderful adventures, that we get at least a few postcards while they travel, and that they arrive back home safely sometime in the spring.

Bon Voyage!

ps- Logan's Flat Logan is wearing a t-shirt that says "Animy King", which translated means "Enemy King." I'm sure that matters!

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