Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Hard to believe it has only been 3 weeks we've been doing this project. Feels like a lifetime. There are reasons that most families of 6 don't live in a 200sf studio apt without no kitchen or bath. Living in the basement is hard, but I know it will be worthwhile in the end, as long I don't kill someone first. I want things to keep moving fast because it is cold living in an unheated, uninsulated plywood house. Here are the most recent changes in the house.

I love how this has opened up dining room so much. And the morning light is amazing!
We are still keeping busy with regular things too. Or at least trying.

Fishing at the pond in our woods. (No hooks, no bait, just a chunk of wood on the end. Much safer this way!)

Stopping for hugs in the meadow.


Mrs. MadGenius said...

I love the house, even in it's half done state, it is gonna be amazing!

Gram & Gramps said...

I love the four new windows.