Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I need this holiday to be over. I've bought halloween candy twice now. And still I have nothing to give out to the trick or treaters tonight. I've must have eaten at least 300 pieces of candy in the past week. And each and every piece has to be sneaked (snuck?) past 4 kids and Cathy. It is hard work I tell you.

We had the annual pumpkin carving hell last night. Doesn't Finley look like she knows what she is doing? What? One year olds shouldn't be given knives? Pumpkin carving is hard and to expect kids to come out with these amazing creations is unfair. We got through it. In our lovely dining room with hanging quilts and no lighting. Yup- no lights! We have our outside skating/sledding floodlights in the kitchen now. Great ambience.

I also need this election to be over. How much more time can I spend singing along with these guys? Just another thing I've gotta sneak 'cause Logan knows bad language when he hears it!


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Mom on the Run said...

The great thing about Halloween--really any holiday--is that you can make of it what you want. Each family has their own traditions. I am from England, my husband is a born and bred Marylander. We bring in some English traditions, like Boxing Day, along with American holidays.