Sunday, October 26, 2008

More Randomness

Halloween is approaching. We had two parties to attend yesterday and it went surprisingly well with 4 costumed kids and one adult. There tends to be more drama with costumes when belts don't fit and tiaras slid, etc. But my kids were pleasantly resilient with their costume difficulties. I like this photo of Meryl because I see Avery's face here. All four at the town's party, which is really geared for the 1-5 age group.

With a house that has no heat and no insulation we go outside to warm up. Here we are drawing in the sand, since markers, paper, etc are scarce at our pared down house.

Who says its cold in here? The babies are least affected by the cold. They sleep with me and are toasty warm at night. The older kids are cold in the mornings at breakfast but handle it well. Cathy and I (well, mostly me) are such wimps. I hate being all bundled up inside.

The house is coming along, slowly. All windows and doors are in their correct location. Rough plumbing is done and the inspection is on Monday. We have our vanities and sinks, lights for inside and out; we've even decided on fixtures for the bathroom. BUT the electrician will be here last Monday. No, he'll be here last Tuesday with a double crew. Wait, he will be here on Wednesday morning at 8. We really hope he'll show up this week! Notice the contractors sign in the photo, but don't take it as a form of endorsement!


Gram & Gramps said...

Wow the house looks sooo much bigger. I can not wait to see the inside. seems like it is moving fast...but I am not living with you all down stairs!!!!

Gram & Gramps said...

Are you sure that the first picture is not one of Avery a few years ago?

Uncle Larry said...

Looks good so far at least you're buttoned up for the winter. Isn't it just like camping out above tree line except you don't have to set up a tent every night ?!? Uncle L