Thursday, September 18, 2008

And Some Days Are Like This

Our wishes for everyone- Peace, Love, Happiness and More Space.

Yes, we are the trailer trash neighbors. Kids run around dirty and half dressed. We drink our morning Schlitz on the steps. We train our kids in the fine art of tagging. But we have fun doing it.

(Don't worry Mom- We don't really drink out Schlitz on the steps. We keep it in a paper bag out back!)

The yard is full of lumber. The (crab)grass is on the way out. We have 4 more nights to sleep under our (rotting, leaky) roof. The attic is empty. The numbers, and thermometers and bird feeders are mostly removed. We've freecycled some of the shrubs.

1 comment:

Uncle Larry said...

YES !! The famous LOGAN signature.
Good Luck to you all on this latest adventure. We'll appeal to the weather spirits for a mild autumn.