Thursday, September 25, 2008

Back yard view- No Roof. Day 1
End of Day 3. The "roof" is now the under flooring of the upstairs. It looks like a great big dance floor up there.
This is our living room ceiling where a guy fell through the first day.
This is our hallway ceiling. For 2 days it just looked out to sky.
We have about a googol of these in every room!

The rain is coming tomorrow so I'm getting buckets ready now.
I'll keep the babies in life jackets. Actually we are surviving but we've had our moments. We had a gas leak scare and it was 47 degrees in the house one morning which is cold if you won't wear pants (Logan and Avery). But with the floor now on we can be in the house safely, but noisily. The babies napped in their cribs this morning, which was good.


Gram & Gramps said...

Hey Kathy I think that is Finley out in front of the house with you, not Avery. Am I right or wrong?

Heather said...

Cathy and Finley. You are right.