Sunday, September 14, 2008

Gender Funneling

I've been accused of always dressing the babies like boys. Which is not true at all. I just try to dress them so they can move easily and be comfortable. So after one rather testy "Finley is so handsome today." comment from Cathy I went all out and dressed them in these silly get ups. So ridiculous.
Why babies shouldn't wear skirts.

I love this picture of Avery. She does care about how she appears to others. So when I can catch her moving she seems more like herself. I don't care that half her head was chopped off. It's nice to see her smile. Don't worry- She'll grow into that nose! ;)

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Natalie said...

love the pictures. I was thinking about dressing the boys in dresses just for the fun of it. Boy clothes are a lot easier though. Hope getting ready for the building is going well. If you need a place to crash during the day give us a call.