Monday, September 29, 2008

More Randomness

The house is coming along. We had serious water damage over the weekend and much frustration. Water was running in from 3 light fixtures and in every room except one. The basement had water pouring in from the duct work. Once they re-tarped the roof the leaking slowed and we had no more water coming in even with heavy rain and winds. The ceilings will now need to be replaced (which was partially in the plans but not to the extent now needed.) And the house has the lovely smell of wet plaster and insulation. Yum!

The two gable ends and the back wall are up. It towers over the home next to us which feels and looks weird.

On to the day to day stuff-

Meryl and Finley are learning to hug and kiss each other. Often it includes the smashing of heads and teeth on skin. Such fun.

Avery made this drawing in Logan's closet. It says "Milk Chocolate Dark Chocolate" I don't know where she gets it from. Honestly!

This has been such a hit.

The peppers and tomatillos are in. I have 3 plastic grocery bags full of tomatillos that I picked today and at least another 5 bags worth still growing on the 3 plants. (The 2 plants on the rental plot. The garden at home has one plant that has, maybe, 6 tiny tomatillos on it.) I'm not sure how to eat so many at one time. If I had the time I would make a ton of raw green salsa because I can eat that quickly. But making it is so time consuming. I may just make a huge batch of cooked green sauce to save for enchiladas over the coming winter.

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