Saturday, September 13, 2008


I'm not sure what happened to the color scheme. I'm sure Meryl was involved.

The rabbits are back. We hadn't seen any since the flooding until today.

Finley can now climb up on chairs. But can't get down.

Logan is playing little league.

Avery does talk in school. She even raises her hand. But she didn't call out when Mrs. didn't call her name. Even though Avery really wanted to tell her that we have the same fancy scissors at home.

We are all too tired. The neighborhood has been playing manhunt almost every night this week. (Basically it involves parents standing around with alcohol while the kids play a boy vs girl tag game over the span of several blocks. Lots of running, screaming and general mayhem. All in the dark.)

The babies have both been waking between 6 and 8 times a night. EACH!

Cathy flew the couch today from 4 am until 2pm. Boring.

We ate breakfast for all 3 meals today. Waffles for breakfast. Eggs for lunch. And blueberry pancakes with (local, yummy Honeypot) peaches on top. Can't get any better than that.

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