Tuesday, September 2, 2008

School is In!

Today Avery started kindergarten and Logan began 2nd Grade. Avery was very anxious and I wasn't sure how it would all work out. She didn't want to talk about it since she wasn't going to go at all, so no need to talk about it! But the morning prep went great! We were at the bus stop early (and it was late, so we waited for 50 minutes!)

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting. There are 17 kids at our stop.

This is Avery's 3rd grade friend. We had made plans for them to sit together. Avery started to get "wet eyes" when the bus came but she knew she just had to get on the bus and look for him. When she got home she said it really helped. She is willing to go back tomorrow.

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Uncle Larry said...

Great photos as usual Heather !! I looked up the word "beautiful" in my dictionary and it said " see Avery ".
Soon she'll be asking " Hey Mom,how soon before the school bus gets here?"
U.L & M.A.